Attention Personal Trainers & Fitness Boot Camp Owners Worldwide! 
Who Else Wants To Look Over My Shoulder And Swipe My Marketing Tactics & Growth Strategies To Explode Their Fitness Boot Camp 
From: Richard Morris, owner of Boot Camp Instructor Certification
To: Fitness Professionals Who Want To Grow Their Boot Camps   
When I started my Boot Camp business in 2010 I had zero competitors.

It was easy to establish myself and have my Boot Camps booming with clients turning up at every session, bringing their friends, and my Boot Camp was the talk of the town.

Plus I was working fewer hours (as I was no longer doing one-to-one training) and earning more money.

It was a WIN-WIN situation.

Fast forward to now (2016) and I now have hundreds of competitors - lots of Personal Trainers, Leisure Centres and group exercise teachers who are ‘trying’ to compete with me.
But month after month my Boot Camps are still SOLD OUT!

I have a waiting list of people who want to join.

And it comes down to three simple factors:
  • My marketing system.
  • My programming of sessions.
  • My customer service strategy. (How we keep people on our books and build a raving fan base.)
Daily I receive emails, Facebook messages and Tweets from Personal Trainers, group exercise instructors and Boot Camp owners worldwide…

And all of these messages have one thing in common….

Everyone sending these message is asking much the same thing, such as: 

“Can I hire you to mentor me?”
“Can I spend the day with you and pick your brains?”
“Do you sell any online products that I can use to grow my business?” 

And the answer is, “Sort of…”

I used to offer one-to-one mentoring at £2,997, and I helped a lot of the UK’s top Personal Trainers build very successful bootcamp businesses but I know that fee isn’t in everyone’s budget.

I had a very successful mentorship programme but to be totally honest it drained me. I was trying to help so many people that I ended up working way too much, so recently I’ve not rolled out any type of business education or marketing to help the community.

But that’s about to change due to the high demand…

I’ve decided to roll out my educational programme called Bootcamp Kick Start Programme to help you attract more of your ideal clients into your fitness Boot Camp, or to start your fitness Boot Camp.

Basically you get a sneak peak and can look over my shoulder as I show you exactly what I do to have booming Boot Camps so you can implement these strategies and have the same effect in your business, if not more.
Here’s what you’ll receive
Access to my private Facebook group
Here you’ll receive direct access to me and I’ll be sharing what’s working now in my business and how you can replicate it. (Value £97)
Access to my Webinar Vault
I have a number of training videos that were only previously available to my mentoring students. 
The training videos cover
Module #1: Limiting Beliefs
This is the foundation to everything. I could easily skip to marketing but I’ve inserted this module at the start, as it’s that important.

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for 16 years and I’ve met thousands of Personal Trainers.

And the number one thing that holds the majority back is mindset, and people not thinking they are good enough.

In this module we dig deep into the practice to help you in your belief system so you can grow a bigger, better and more financially rewarding Boot Camp.
Module #2: Avatar
Here we get stuck into the marketing component of the course and we cover one of the most important things when it comes to your marketing plan…

Deciding who are your best customers.

You simply can’t help everyone.

You can’t help people who have no money.

You can’t help people who will not commit and follow your exercise and nutritional guidelines.

So why does your marketing attract these types of people?

It all comes down to you selecting your avatar.

Avatar basically means your ideal customer and how best to find them and their friends.

So you attract clients that show up all the time, don’t cancel at the last minute, always pay, and refer their friends.
Module #3: Compete On Service, Not Price
In this module we cover the one thing that no one likes to talk about…. MONEY!

And why it’s important not to compete on price but instead compete on service.

Far too many fitness professionals undercharge for their services and the results they provide.

That’s due to a number of factors and in this module we show you how to over-deliver every time so customers love paying you as they are receiving tremendous value.
Module #4: Your 250 list
One of the cheapest ways to grow your fitness Boot Camp is by a marketing tactic called your 250 list.

I can’t give too much away here, but in short this is one of the key attributes you need to apply into your fitness Boot Camp to attract more clients, every single month.
Module #5: Guinea Pig Trial
Here I show you how to have a number of people working out with you for free, but in return they become advocates and promoters of what you do.

This is hugely effective if done in the right way.

In my own Boot Camp I’ve had guinea pigs send me over 10+ clients resulting in £1000s in revenue.
Module #6: Charity Bootcamps
In this module I show you how to partner with a charity of your choice and effectively gain local and national press to leverage your name and business to your town/city, whilst also getting a ton of new leads that you can then convert into paying clients.

This is powerful and will demonstrate that you give back to charity and help people with their fitness and nutrition too.
Module #7: Referral Contest
One of the easiest and cheapest ways to grow you business is by word of mouth referrals. But do you have a system to get referrals from your clients 24/7, 365 days a year?

This is one of the ways that I’ve grown my fitness bootcamps so fast by word of mouth, and that’s because I’ve trained my clients to promote my business at every opportunity. In this module I show you my referral strategy.
Module #8: Facebook Check-in
Want to grow your fitness Boot Camp organically?
Facebook is the way.

In this module I show you how to leverage Facebook for free and programme your clients to help you grow your Boot Camps by tagging you, checking-in and leaving you 5-star reviews.

And in return they will get a number of goodies and prizes from you as a thank you.
Module #9: Retention Strategies
It’s all well and good if you attract new clients into your business but it’s no good if you can’t keep them!

In this module I will show you how I have an 85% retention rate, month after month.

Which means my marketing spend is very low making profits even higher.
Module #10: Building Your Email List
For your marketing to continue to work it’s important that you continue to grow your email list.

And then more importantly continue to communicate with that list and build a relationship so you become a trusted authority.
Module #11: Facebook Ads
The cheapest way to grow your business is through Facebook ads and in this module I give you my best performing Facebook ads and show you how to set them up so you can attract all the clients you need.
Module #12: Landing Pages
For your Facebook ads to perform you need to send people to a landing page.

In this module I connect the dots and show you how to set up landing pages, (even if you have limited computer skills), plus I give you for free my best performing landing page that generates leads every month.
As you can see, all of the above has a LOT of value and will help you establish your Boot Camp even more, or, depending on your current status, help you start a Boot Camp from scratch.

Now I could be charging you at least £1,000 for this program as the Return on Investment is so high.

But I’m not going to charge you that, I won’t even charge you a fraction of that. I want to help you build your Bootcamp Business and give you some of the best systems that have helped me and my mentoring students.

The price to join Bootcamp Kick Start Programme is just a one-time payment of £297

Special Early Bird Offer £197.

Simply click the link below and I will see you on the other side, where you’ll get instant access. 
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